Making Babies; Detour Ahead

“Making Babies; Detour ahead” is a unique online E-Course designed to support individuals and couples who have found themselves on the journey of Infertility. Whether you are doing your first round of IVF or up to your tenth this four-week course will provide therapeutic tools and advice from an experienced Fertility Counsellor who is qualified both professionally and personally.

Here’s what's included:


Each week you'll receive a video message from Lisa discussing the at risk areas of your life that IVF can impact on your Mind, Heart, Body & Relationships. Special guest speakers representing different pieces of the puzzle with a wealth of knowledge and expertise within the industry are a highlight of this course.


A detailed workbook is provided outlining further in depth information. Homework is included that you can do individually or collectively to provide a framework of understanding, transparency and support for whatever stage of the journey you are at.


A bonus Q&A interview with leading IVF specialist and doctor discussing all things medical, helping to empower you with knowledge and understanding for the road ahead.
Making Babies; Detour Ahead is a powerful 4 week course
It is designed to support individuals and couples offering a roadmap of information and tools to manage the journey through Infertility and the IVF process.

The modules involve the following:

Week 1: The Mind Game

High levels of anxiety and depression are all too commonly experienced during fertility treatment. “Just relax”, they say! But for the majority it becomes a battlefield of the mind. Keeping a good attitude, remaining positive and hopeful is a tough ask. This session will discuss the power of your thought life, with education around CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy) and a simple four-step sequence to challenge your daily thinking.

Week 2: Heart Ache

When you are struggling to conceive, there is a lot to grieve. You grieve your ovaries, your partner’s sperm, the entire process; all of the tests, the diagnoses, the waiting. Things most never need to think about. This module is designed to bring understanding to grief and loss as a process with a heavy focus on taking care of ALL of you, from the inside out.

Week 3: Dear Body

So your body is no longer your own. It belongs to the IVF drugs, nurses, embryologist, specialist and most likely a slave to the your favourite new app in the shape of a CALENDAR! Let's not mention the side effects of hormone induced headaches, “can't do your zip up” weight gain “potential” mood swings…and you are not even pregnant yet! This week we talk all things health and wellbeing from a “physical” perspective with tips on how to best support your beautiful body to rise to the occasion.

Week 4: Relationship Roadmap

IVF often imposes significant stress on a relationship. It is very important that couples undergoing IVF be made aware of this fact and encouraged to not lose sight of the other aspects of their relationship. This fourth and final module will outline the key areas of your relationship that are most likely to be impacted by the experience of IVF.

Plus a bonus section on how Dr Gary Chapman’s “The Five Love Languages” can bullet proof your relationship along the way!

About Me

Lisa Bondarenko lives in Adelaide, South Australia. A Counsellor, Speaker and Author with a passion around supporting couples walking the path of infertility. Her approach is focused on the emotions attached to this experience, providing support and coping tools to manage the stress, grief, anxiety and loss associated with diagnosis, miscarriage and IVF treatment. Working with doctors, fertility specialists, IVF clinics, holistic and health practitioners across Australia her message is simple, powerful and full of hope.

What Couples Are Saying

This course was like a breath of fresh air. I felt like it as written just for me. After 3 years trying to conceive I had forgotten how to be kind to myself and neglected my relationship in the process. I now have a roadmap out of there!

Karen, Brisbane Australia

After having several skype counselling sessions with Lisa, the opportunity to have this information and guidance in the comfort of our own home was something we jumped at. Three rounds of failed IVF cycles had left us depressed and at a loss, this ecourse gave us some tools and hope to keep moving forward.
Andrea & Steve, Singapore
This was course made me feel completely understood, finally! Thanks Lisa and team.
Summer, Melbourne Victoria

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this really for?
This is for anyone that has, or is experiencing difficulties in conceiving, carrying and coping with the challenge of trying to create a family through IVF and Fertility treatments. Whether you are a couple, individual or EVEN a family/friend standing on the sideline watching someone you love go through this – this course is a handbook and road map to understanding and providing coping tools.
How is this different to counselling?
It's not! The key areas in the course were written based out of the most common “conversations” I have in the counselling room surrounding infertility and IVF. Often due to time, logistics, finances and aligning diaries Counselling comes in at last place or not at all. This program eradicates all of those hurdles in one click of the button.
Do I have access to this program after I have completed it?
Once you have purchased this program you have a lifetime access to the information and ongoing contact with myself.
Why me?
I am university educated with a Bachelor of Social Science, majoring in Counselling, which makes me professionally qualified. Some might say with eight years of infertility and IVF treatment in my own life, I am also an expert personally.


Ebook Bonus

Participants will receive a copy of Lisa's E-book “SILENT TEARS; Through the looking glass of IVF”.
This book is written with an authentic account of the highs, lows and everything in between that is often experienced through IVF and a fertility crisis. Written as a woman and a wife, with a husband’s candid account, this story will have you laughing and crying at the same time. A personal account combined with a therapeutic approach as a Counsellor, this book is a real life road map for surviving, overcoming and finding hope amidst the pain and despair.

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No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee

If you decide within 7 days of purchasing the program that it is not for you, simply send an email to and I will refund 100% of your money back. No questions asked!

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